1982 Sequential Year

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1982.01.18 “A small note of praise and thanks for yet again producing another excellent manual. I’ve just been given a copy of the Pro-One Tech Manual and am mucho, mucho impressed. You definitely product the best manuals that I’ve ever seen. And I know most of our customers agree. Thanx man!” — Bob Styles

1982.02 Polyphonic Sequencer Enhanced Instructions (CN1005-1)
1982.03 Polysequencer Update Instructions (TN1015-1)
1982.03 Rev 3.2 to 3.3 Update Modifications (TN1000-5)
1982.04 Keyboard Prophet-5 maintenance letter
1982.04 Prophet System Technical Manual (TM1016A/TM1016-2)

1982.05 “Just a short note to pass on my thanks and express my congratulations on another job well done Sir! The new System tech manual is superb and I’ll be very proud to inform our customers about it. Excellent!! Thanx. — Bob Styles, Sales Manager

Designing a good product is not enough. You must design a manufacturable quantity matching reality at at time say six months to two-years out. Call it Sales, call it Marketing, intelligence from the stores about customers exact needs and requests is prized. Enter the totally class act transfer from Rod Argent’s; Bobby (a liberty of familiarization) Styles was awesome. He gave me my first lesson on the Prophet. He was notoriously precise; with detailed notebooks of commitments made in both directions. And he got a lot of respect in the company, because he moved the product.

1982.06 Pro-FX Controller Operation Manual (CM500A)-

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