NPML 1991

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1991 IIfx: with Opcode Studio V MIDI interface and Digidesign Pro Tools – first multimedia workhorse.

1991.01 HyperMIDI 2.0 by Nigel Redmon (key technology for MIDIworld).

1991.01 The current operators of “MIDIWorld” will likely be surprised to find that I already sold the name to NEC for use with their (aborted) CD+MIDI series.

1991.01 Editing and Consulting to Passport throughout the year.

1991.02 Tried to pitch my system to Herbie Hancock through some minor channels I had developed, but no response (lik, duh).

1991.04. Cogswell MU250 MIDI Intensive

1991.05 California State MET (Mandated Employment Training) program design

1991.09. Cogswell MU210 Creative Sound Projects

Music Technology

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