Bad Intentions: Tiller’s ‘White Paper II’ Undermines Legacy

By Stanley JungleibNo Comments

Revised: 20121201

Compare the history illustrated in this column particularly in the range of 2006 April-November with this recent account of Tiller’s, to learn how desperately one can stoop to so rewrite history to fit the persona. Tiller’s retrospection is bogus, made of transparently whole cloth.

The record shows that I called the problems to his attention, I recreated the intended designs, I created a control system that would allow the UED to be wired any way desired; yet for no reason than that the production could not guarantee his Master Intention of what was good, he destroyed the partnership that could have brought them to the public by the end of 2006, six years ago, when 50 in fact were made.

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Followers must remember that Tiller’s experiments used a meditative team with a combined experience approaching 100 years. This is a significant hurdle to replication, one that no other academic team has yet met, and that lay folk are not likely to be able to overcome.

Despite the practical difficulty of anyone besides Tiller’s own team imprinting a UED into an IIED, Tiller dismisses UEDs as noisy and useless. Here again, I have demonstrated exactly the opposite, that meditators are unnecessary to the process. The entire potential under discussion can instead of a maintained fantasy, be exhaustively explored and replicated by the sensitive electronics of our sensing and generating circuitry.

In hindsight it could not have been a clearer warning, that in 2005 October at book signing after his talk Dr. Tiller had no answer to my question whether the 3-EEPROM schematic that he printed wasn’t missing a power line to all of the chips. By 2006 June Tiller’s fear of my work began when I sent him UEDs that easily overpowered all of his experiments in progress. The trajectory was clear; the technology was no longer in his control. That this fundamental mistake is repeated in Tiller’s 2009 re-issued drawing speaks volumes as to his actual care and expertise. Moreover, the diagrams above still do not show the correct schematics for the original devices used in Tiller’s imprinting research. Is this endemic carelessness or intention to ┬ámislead?

Saved from the combination of Randy Zeisenis’s humbug, Clarus’s manufacturing incompetence, Tiller’s simultaneously naive and incomprehensible tomes ignorant of the basic design and performance of his main tools: I forged this amateurish mess into the new independent and objective, patent-pending science to be carried forward.

Stanley Jungleib Laboratories, LLC

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