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Everything is in progress; it’s going to be in successive approximation for awhile.

“photos unavailable…”

…are my fault, and in progress. Please report missing images: there are thousands to sync.

Yes, when I feel qualified I may howl about a current event in psychoenergetics or communications policy; hoping to balance such with due encouragements.

But the main purpose of the site is historical; to publish and preserve primary material that may support future research and as it continues to emerge. Event accuracy comes first and foremost. WordPress allows easily adjusting dates and refining information as it appears.

Writing is rewriting. I am never happy with the early post(s) of a piece. (And typos likely pain me more than they do you.) Expect a half-dozen initial versions as the medium of the browser massages subtleties of the message. This re-writing seems unavoidable for me: Sons of Sam, about an exceedingly complex issue, withstood over three dozen overhauls in nuance over three weeks, ending with my finally removing one unnecessarily negative word. I am now adding revision dates to help the reader keep track.

Confidentiality Agreements blanketing most of my work may cause inescapable vagueness. But I will be looking to teach lessons, not tell tales.

I adhere to a distinction between public and private personae working in esoteric fields. If someone has hung out a shingle as an expert scientist or healer, they are fair game: I may well evidentially endorse or challenge their theories by name. Some of what I do unfortunately entails debunking posers or positions, and I fully expect this to annoy that self-admiring circle. But I will not disclose any private communications irrelevant to their public work. I learned a lot from my former relationship to the circuit, just not necessarily what they think is being taught.

As for any private ‘civilian’ who has worked with me, I have assumed their anonymity. This is not to dismiss any contributions, but to respect that it is only for each to declare for themselves publicly what they might hold.

My photography attempts to follow the guidelines of ‘reasonable expectation of privacy.’

Please call any apparent deviations of the above to my attention.

Comments without valid return addresses are treated as spam.

Copyright and Linking
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Very senitive to this
i have routinely scanned entire pages and placed them in demarcated reference galleries.
this probably violates no part…the storage mediumW ban, but hear me out.
there is no financial difference or damage between providing a link to a site of free info, and capturing said free information in fixed form for saving.
wE have been doing this long enough to know that links go away. One day you turn to a URL to gather a detail and only get a 404. Or worse, the wording hs changed. For this reason, we capture and reprint important documents with full attribution.
>this is meant to accurately document the source within its context.
>we also consider it t be free advertising for the author
>certainly don’t offer anything more than an Amazon preview.
>in sum, we think we comply with the contemporary meaning of fair use
>but we will respond to any well-grounded complaints

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Conference Requests
I receive conference invitations almost daily and do not have a need or the time to apply for adjudication. The number of academics qualified to jury my psychoenergetic work may be no greater than three. So I focus on publishing here research which should be objectively replicable or extendable. There is an abundant backlog of this stuff en route.

Biographical Highlights

Let’s be honest. Everyone writes their own blurb bios for publishers or planners (and Wikipedia). I’ve always hated doing it; rolling the ego ball up the hill only to have mature restraint drive it back down again. While some attempt to escape the job satirically, I hope to offer a balance by simply mentioning some objective facts, in third person, which you can shrink to fit for such purposes.

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As a teen, Stanley Jungleib performed on piano, pipe organ, drums and orchestral percussion.  He became a Morse Code-qualified Advanced Amateur Radio operator WA6LVC in 1969.  Also an Anti-VietNam war activist studying towards Conscientious Objection, his Philosophy-fed interest in Politics led him to literally save Sugarloaf Mountain in San Mateo and simultaneously dispatch its entire Republican City Council. This operation made him the first eighteen-year-old appointed to a California County Democratic Central Committee.

After receiving his degree in 1975 from U.C. Santa Cruz with double honors, he pursued Graduate work in Philosophy at the University of Rochester, studying under Richard Taylor and Lewis White Beck.  Quickly disenchanted with East Coast academics, he began his technical career in 1977 by revising radar and other instruction for the U.S. Army Intelligence School.

In 1979 he joined Sequential Circuits, beginning over thirty years of leadership in music synthesis, including coordinating MIDI (1983) and General MIDI (1990). While serving as MIDI and Audio Curriculum Director for Cogswell College, in 1992 Intel asked Mr. Jungleib to invent real-time audio processing for the CPU. This led to him founding Seer Systems to end the era of the sound card and create today’s ubiquitous software-based audio services. His 1999 patent #5,886,274 covering scalable music distribution has been licensed to Microsoft, Yamaha, and others.

In 2005 Mr. Jungleib radically shifted interests to research into peculiarly sensitive semiconductor memories. By 2009 this work resulted in patent application 12/628,628 for the world’s first psychoenergetic computer.

A life-long multi-instrumentalist, he has released two ‘must listen’ CDs in addition to his two ‘must-read’ books, and hundreds of manuals and technical articles.

Legal Notices:

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1. Copyrights:
All information, display formats and functional elements are the property of Stanley Jungleib, or are used with permission of the rights holder (such as WordPress) , and may not be stored or re-transmitted for any purposes other than fair use or normal web browsing, nor used for any commercial purposes, without express permission of the respective rights holders.

2. Limits on Liability:
All materials are presented on an “as-is” basis and are subject to change without notice. The publisher of this site makes no claims regarding the suitability or reliability of the information presented, and assumes no liability for any damages, whether indirect or consequential, that may occur as a result of its use.

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  1. Philippe Chatiliez says:

    Hello Stanley, do you remember me? My eMail = philippe.chatiliez@orange.fr
    Drop me a line.

    1. Stanley Jungleib says:

      Always! I just replied on Facebook. I do hope you are very well. That baby I brought is getting her Ph.D. soon!

  2. Paolo Zavagna says:

    I am interested in your works and researches. I am professor of Electroacoustic music at the Music Conservatory B. Marcello” of Venezia – Italy.

    1. Stanley Jungleib says:

      Hello Paolo,
      Thank you for your interest. How can I help you?

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