Tiller Provides Ally UED Data and Gerdes Introduction

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Meeting at the Consciousness conference in Santa Fe, the proprietary Ally design information answered a few questions but of course raised many more as I reviewed the purpose of each component over the ensuing weeks. The first one of course, being, who created and owned this information?

Dr. Tiller also encouraged me to invest in his associate Lee Gerdes’s venture, which he assured me he had researched as efficacious and had endorsed for stock himself. Also I should consider a treatment in the range of $1600. The biz plan came the following week. I did some diligence: It all smelled, I declined.

In a stunning lack of judgment Dr. Tiller had apparently hitched his wagon to a serial con artist peddling stolen technology; Gerdes’s actions prompting the concerned to post this expose’: BRAIN STATE TECH TRUTH – LEE GERDES EXPOSED – YouTube

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