Hillsdale High Sophomore

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War protests; McCarthy volunteer. [add story about Ted Kennedy]

Marching Band: Lead Bass Drum
And here I was, leading the band on those Fall mornings, just as I heard it, downwind from a mile away every season as I was born into and raised in the same house.

Orchestral Percussion—Thank you director Duane Carroll, who loved tympani and turned them over to me. As a recent graduate of SF State, he gently challenged us with a broad new repertoire.

I may actually post some of our concert which spanned four sides of 33 vinyl.

Qualified by my ham work, reminded recently by a friend that I got the teletype working when on one else could, I was an Electronics TA-one of the whiz kids. Mid year my counselor called me in and told me that Mr. Newell had now decided I was “unteachable,” and needed to find a replacement class. The truth was, Air Force retired Newell didn’t want an agitating anti-war hippie in his classroom. My ceremoniously and mockingly interrupting class to get his prized signature, and subsequent celebratory remarks earned me another in a series of prized threatened suspensions for subversive activity.

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