Genachowski Gone—no Bang, no Whimper… just hold FCC’s revolving door, please.

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Possibly the least effective Chairman in the history of the FCC departs in yesterday’s ignoble Friday afternoon news dump, two years after Wikipedia predicted so. The sequester didn’t stop FCC from hiring consultants to scrounge up revisions to his Wiki history: “entries were added that tout accomplishments such as his work with Mexico to prevent stolen cellphones from crossing the border.” {Washington Post} Of course the fence he built to stop the illegal cell phones is only 8-inches high.

And that ‘hardened Internet’ he promised in bold headlines—well, just check contemporary headlines about cyberwarfare and hacking. And how about that unified National Emergency Communications program that can perform under cyberattack—nope, no progress since 9/11. Ever much the lawyer, clueless on technology—he held an “ask Julius” Twitter session at Twitter, which failed for his not knowing how to tweet.

“If someone like him upholds compromise, it quickly leads to capitulation, which is what he’s done. He folds, folds, folds to the pressure of big companies.”——Derek Turner, head of policy analysis at public interest group Free Press.

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