An Inadvertent Turn

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Everything seemed to be going fine.
Crusher had started the Honda EU2000 generator with a couple of pulls no problem.
But then, it would mysteriously stop.
Seemingly after connecting a load. Or not?
Then it got real ornery, not even a pop or a kick.

Vinnie couldn’t work from all the swearing and cussing;
went outside: “?Sup Crusher?”
“Aw boss you know this thing never gave us a problem,
now I pulled my damn arm out of my socket for the past half hour
trying to get it to crank. I checked the oil, plug.”
Yeah, Vinnie?
Check out out the gas fill cap.”

Crusher looked crestfallen; but then it didn’t take him long to spot the otherwise invisible, concentric molded black-on-black gas ON/OFF lever of which only the truly initiated would know; hence not be as fools at the mercy of an undetected flick.

Crusher’s monstrous unmanageable mitts were indeed able to find the inscrutable, unexpected lever to enable the flow of gasoline. The EU turned over with a couple of pops.
“Gee, I guess it accidentally got switched off, huh? Like maybe when I moved it?
You know, Vinnie, I’m SURE I read the manual. And I was wondering about that. No lever under the covers. How do you put the flow control up near the fill inlet anyway? It’s always on the tank outlet.”

“I know Crush, I know … It’s consumer, dude; for someone who hasn’t seen an open frame system. For those who have, it is just another little paradigm shift.

Forget about it. Rest those arms.”

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