2012: The Ordeals of Insight

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Besides the November elections, for many of us the biggest ordeal in 2012 will likely be campaign-level carpet-bombing by ‘insights’ about 2012. The slapstick articles aligning The Mayan Calendar, the obligatory Nostradamus, and The End of Days. The thick but vacuous best-sellers. 66.6% of the pre-GED History channel. In fact, there is no rare galactic alignment due. So, the rearrangement of continents is a non-starter. As well, believers may not meet their makers, and neither will our problems necessarily explode nor be solved.

Though it may not sell well, I suggest 2012 will be a year as any other—like the weather itself—no more predictable, no less chaotic. There will be hurricanes in Florida. Of the hundreds of daily earthquakes, a few will merit news coverage. Accidents will happen. An Italian sea captain will inexplicably use a half-billion dollar ship as his personal surfboard. And sure, Iran seems deliberately provocative of military intervention, but even this kind of confrontation is hardly unprecedented for the historical Persia. (A prior trade route blockage having stimulated discovery of the New World.)

To the extent one cares, the facts of the matter are thus: NASA – The Great 2012 Doomsday Scare.

So, one of the best results for which to hope is that on December 22, a segment of the population will look around at their hysterical collections of hysterical popularbacks and magazines, reflect on their time wasted listening to hapless commentators, decide that they have been conditioned for the last time by the publishing industry, traditional and  “social” media outlets, and declare their mental independence from them.

Perhaps then the perennial, beguiling, idle cliche’ about “the shift in consciousness which the planet is about to undergo” can finally be laid to rest in favor of a less selfish, indolent, and oblivious awareness of world events that recognizes rather than substitutes for humanism and activism.

Now that would be revolutionary, because I suspect that the exploited and starving billions sleepless from gunfire in the night are not waiting for liberation or food from supposed bourgeoisie ‘shifts in consciousness’ arbitrarily linked by marketeers to The Mayan Calendar. More likely, they would justifiably regard such insightful, profiteering light-worker missionaries actually daring to message that view among them to be irrelevant if not insane contributors to their ordeals, murder-able simply for their sandals.

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