Orb Theory Updates

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Two confirming additions to my main article about orbs can now be included.

Friend and illusionist Kirk Baeta has pointed out that in late 2012 popular scientist Michio Kaku suggested we consider nanoscale alien probes. This certainly and credibly extends the artificial intelligence argument, especially regarding reported flocking behavior: Michio Kaku: The von Neumann Probe (A Nano Ship to the Stars). It has been suggested that nanoprobes could be so small as to be breathable.

Fueled by the February release of David Toomey’s Weird Life, the extremophile theory has received a major nod from scientific consensus emerging around a “Shadow Biosphere.” Today’s RAW STORY article includes the interesting confession that to this point science has only prepared to detect biology substantially like us! It now requires little speculation to suggest that lifeforms so subtle as to still be overlooked could easily account for intermittent and unusual photography—particularly in the infra-red range. The search seems now well on for “Life that is Very, Very Different from Our Own:” ‘Shadow Biosphere’ theory gaining scientific support.

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