EmComm Trailer for Field Day Sports New Twist

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Revised 20120524

Playing hardball this year: To the proven setup of GlenMartin RT-424 tower and Yaesu thrust bearing GS-065 holding Yaesu G-5500 split-rotator array of ten-foot M2 satellite beams 2MCP14 and 436CP30 with SSB SB-2000/7000 preamps, is added a Comet H-422 for directional coverage from 40M-10M. Comet assembly was a dream and SWR is under 2:1 throughout. The preamps are powered by the trailer’s battery array, and their voltage is reported down a spare rotator cable line to a dedicated voltmeter at the station. Not visible, an Icom AH-4 exploits a bare wire for 80-6M for virtually any Icom transceiver. The trailer thus simultaneously supports three separate transceivers virtually “DC-to light.” As the tower is hinged, the entire structure can be assembled entirely safely from the ground by one person.

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The TS-2000 has remarkable versatility and depth. The diagrams describe the back-stage area for this first minimum phase. It takes several (TBD) high-current diodes to get the RigRunner consistently low enough below the AGM charger to not trigger its audible Over-voltage alert.

Next is to verify ac-line independence (generator), then adding solar power charging, and high-power inverting. The limiting factors here are the EMI electrical noise from very many of these devices; dictating a search for effective outdoor shielding material and technique.

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