Wazobia – Club Afrique

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1. Ado Africa (6:19)
2. Take Me to Africa (5:13)
3. Milk & Honey(5:38)
4. Tolongo (7:07)
5. No Unity (11:20)
6. Sound From the Air (6:11)
7. Free Mandela {It worked!} (7:06)
8. Long Time Ago (6:23)
9. Groove Da Funk (4:16)
10. I Got Life (13:36)


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1988.06 -1988 10 WAZOBIA

Yeah, the interview jam went well enoguh.

But Geoffrey later told me he had already decided to hire while I on-time set up “showing great love for my instruments.”

It was a kick; played all over NorCal. We were the house band at the infamous Club Afrique in the now eradicated Whiskey Gulch area of Palo Alto.

The drummer Lemuel was insanely good. He sat in for Kotoja, our rivals. It was like a gang. Geoffrey was hot one night and he was saying in his Nigerenglishian: “We gonna go out and we gonna kill doze guys witht our tunes.”

I only played with them—throghout Northern California—through the end of the year, but it was a great experience.

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