For October, 1991

Cogswell MIDI Day

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Two talks: MIDI Protocol Developments It was memorable to be able to announce publicly for the first time that GM had in fact been approved (two days prior).

Second a roundtable about multimedia; I remember going out on a limb about bad audio and synchronization, in the sense that a roundtable didn’t really allow me to explain myself.

But the advertising was worth it: Avram got to see me as an MMA rep and Cogswell Prof giving a linear lecture, and in an improvisational setting.

General MIDI 1.0 Approved

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GENERAL MIDI 1.0 ratified by JMSC
It had already passed MMA in January.

Passport Interactive Commercial

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Pulled all the tricks one could within Director 2.0 & HyperMIDI.

October general

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(1) Intel V.P. Avram Miller started
showing up at my talks.
(2) (3) Me (4)
(5) Chuck Walker (6)
(7) Dan Oppenheim
(8) Glenn Spencer

1991.10 Music Systems for Macintosh Multimedia

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