Opcode MIDI System (OMS) Studio

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This is the setup I used live with Qwire, and why it took a 6-foot rack.

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950921 OMS SETUP 1
950921 OMS SETUP 2

QWIRE at Alberto’s

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QWIRE at Frost, Stanford

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19940720 Qwire gig
940720 a band fest 1
940720 a band fest 2

Here is a one-hour video—grainy from Beta to VHS transfer—but direct from the board, so sounds great thanks to attentive mixing by Jay Kadis:

QWIRE plays Berkeley

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This was our best performance, and I will posting the audio soon.

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Low Pressure Area Score

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931212 version

take out bass from seq
let intro stretch slightly
light setup for first solo
thematic solo (see notebook)
CC longer
BH & CC pizz anticipate chord riff (notes)
whole opens
return to bass riff opening
FM continues bass riff
synth bass
after FM in groove SJ bass solo short
ends with SJ return to opening bass theme
FM fades out to switch sounds
barry thematic solo
enter chris under with chord riff
add fred
ebow effects first
then join chord riff
stanley sigs end by joinign chord riff
all play 3 times and stop
improve drum track

Synthphony Score

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Text section of Synthphony Score

after trading 4s, start seq for 3 solos
after trading fours
jerkiness, weirdness, humour
check midinote used to start sequencer
CC first solo
FM drum things behind
SJ delay bass part
fred solo like on 931017
steambells falls apart into
echo fills
chris starts
barry joins
FM bass part
SJ asian percussion
BH and CC duet intensify then quiet
SJ intro bass them A-F#
BH picks up A-F# theme improv foreground til
SJ starts darksoft patch
BHCC fill there
SJ does orch high chords (just a few)
FM brings in opening patch
all fade to black

QWIRE as Lizards

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This show actually opened the Computer Music Festival sponsored by San Jose State; particularly, by friend and former teacher (c.1972) Allen Strange.

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92 10 13 lounge lizards
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