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Glenn H. Spencer passes

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“Gave up science career for music.”

Particularly at Glenn’s service where many spoke, I learned how enthusiastic a believer he was in every one of his students and friends. Which I mention in order to qualify the following story.

Of Glenn’s many musical qualifications were that he spent years discussing music and aesthetics with Stanford roommate, twelve-tone composer Roger Sessions. So, when Glenn tells one that Earth Sighs is “the most beautiful piece he had ever heard” and goes “way beyond Mahler” it resonates nicely (even if it can’t possibly be true).

Aware of his work leading the Stanford spinoff Music Special Interest Group (MUSIG), I looked up Glenn when moving from Los Altos to Palo Alto. MIDI and the new multimedia explorations I was reporting interested him so much Glenn quickly became the charter President of the local Stanley Jungleib Fan Club. He volunteered to become my secretary — which I could not accept. And his ringing endorsement probably caught the ear of his jazz piano student Avram Miller, the same Intel V.P. who initialized Seer in 1991.

Glenn would have loved the world wide web. The web might even have been able to keep up with his thirst for knowledge of all kinds and passionate interest in passionate things. Glenn descended from that last man speaking in the Symposium.

UCSC Review Alumni Notes

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Stanley JUNGLEIB is chairman and chief executive officer of Seer Systems, which he founded in 1993; his company produces software synthesis for the personal computer.

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